How to charge in a second residence ?

You drive electric or you consider it ?

You own an appartement and you don’t have a charging solution in your building.

    • There is public chargers on some streets but this is not as convenient as charging at home on your parking spot. 

    • They are often occupied, you never know when they are available and you need to move your car to charge. 

On the other hand you don’t know :

    • How to put a charger on your local parking space due to technical constrains.

    • You don’ want to spend a lot of money for better convenience a few times a year only

We have the solution !

Key facts of the second residence

When you are in your second residence :

    • Your car stays a long time without moving because you walk or cycle.

    • Not everybody is at the same time in the residence. 

impact on charging solution : 

    • You don’t need a fast and expensive charging because you have time 

    • You don’t need your own personal charger because you can share it with your neighboors while separation of the consumption

    • You can still have your own personal charger if you decide to 


Our solution : Central system, local plugs and smartphone use

Our system consists in a central technical box ready for 16 individual plugs . The central box is installed in a technical room of the building, idealy not far from the electric meters. The central power management consider the global power available at any time and spread it between cars and organise the charges.

From this room we connect the parking with a cable by plug on individual spots. 


In practice : you plug and you start your charge !

The Plug can be located between 2-4 places according to parking configuration and shared between those places.  The length of the cable can adjusted to reach any place without disturbing neighboors. the objective of this configuration is reduce the price for accasional use and larger absorption of not yet Electrified vehicule owners. 


The key role of your smart phone

To start stop the plug, you need an initial user access and a smartphone . 


The consumption is recorded by user and the plug can be shared with autorised users only. No card needed to charge your car, only a smartphone is required.

The Syndic receive the monthly consumption by places and by user. Every single charge is logged, making it easy to rent the place and reinvoice the consumption to the users.


How to finance the system ?

The system is designed for large parking, ready for mass adoption of electrified vehicules in the years to come. The system requires 

  1. The Annual General Assembly must agree to invest for the minimum requiremed infrastructure : the control power monitoring and the electric box ready to accept 16 individual plugs. This configuration is enough for a parking of 50 spots allowing each of them to have access to charging solution for every kind of vehicules. This central configuration must be financed by the whole community of parking space owners, but his will give value to the building and is a little amount for each.
  2. The parking must be divided into zones accessibles by a single plug . A plug can be easily shared between up to 4 parking spots. 
  3. The owners must then answer the question if they are interested to have access to such a device. The price  of the plug will be splited between interested owners within the zone where is their spot located. The objective of the split is to reduce the price. Communications between users of the same plug is facilitated by the application when people are at the residence at the same time. Courtesy between users will of course help to solve potential and rare charge timing conflicts. 
  4. Software access : a yearly fee is asked by identified user for application access , power management and periodic reporting to the Syndic.

Reporting example

number of devices available by building . Identified users having access to the plugs…. 


Detailed charges by plug, by user, with a monthly reporting sent to the Syndicus. All management matters, reporting, account creation are inlcuded in the yearly fee of the system.